The Wiggles: Emma! Emma's Swan Ballet Hardback Picture Book

• This is the sequel to the bestselling title Emma's Ballet Alphabet, which was the first ever Wiggles picture book of it's kind

• Like Emma's Ballet Alphabet, this book has been cleverly designed to reflect the sophistication and glamour of ballet, coupled with the fun and engaging appeal of The Wiggles

• Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins, is extremely proud of this new picture book direction, and helped develop the series with Five Mile. She will promote heavily on her social media.

• This premium picture book is a bowtiful retelling of the classic ballet Swan Lake, expressed through simple parallels and lavish, bespoke illustrations

• The use of opposites as a tie throughout the text encourages a deeper understanding of the story, as well as a fabulous new take on a simple concepts book

• A magnificent gift for young Emma fans, and all dance lovers in general

Format: 210 x 273mm Extent: 24pp + cover